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I've read many articles anticipating that the chancellor is preparing the furlough scheme to wind down from July. It scares me. I'm afraid if my employer makes me redundant as soon as the scheme ends. The scheme should extend until the economy comes back to normal when finding another job could happen. Now and for the next coming months (including July and August), companies in the market are ready to fire more than recruiting. If the scheme cannot be extended, there could be other ways to make employers keep their workers, such as a regulation to prevent employers from laying off people. Many people could handle payment reduction but losing their jobs will be very challenging as it's hard to find another opportunities.

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Redundancy will be necessarily following by the end of furlough scheme. As redundant payment is dependent on length of service, employees like me who have worked less than 2 years will be on the first list regardless of their performances. It's unfair. Most importantly, redundancy has a profound impact not only on personal life, i.e. mortgage payment, bills, families and day to day living, but also will make it difficult for the economy to revive. People are made redundant and have to save money, no one can spend money and it's even more difficult for economy to come back to normal. There must be ways for a government to make employers and businesses keep their employees even if they don't make profits as this will bring more benefits in a long run.

by bsg on May 06, 2020 at 08:37AM

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  • Posted by Alex2005 May 06, 2020 at 09:44

    Thanks for raising this I am furloughed employee and have accepted that due to lockdown I like everyone else had to stay at home...... The announcement that the government was to subsidise my wages 80% was a life saver but now as they discuss reducing this or removing it worries me. I want beck to work and would do so tomorrow if that was possible. Having listened to the FM say Scotland is not ready to ease lockdown and UK about to announce lift some restrictions I’m now worried about my job if England comes out of lockdown before us and my company opens for business in England I believe they may not bother reopening outlets past the central belt ( well I mean Edinburgh and Glasgow) Extending the scheme until the majority of companies can open in full is not just a obvious conclusion its a must to ensure businesses keep their staff
  • Posted by Cinnamon May 06, 2020 at 20:57

    The government put all of us in this mess so they should take the responsibility and extend the furlough until economy recovers. If they handled it better like some other countries did, there wouldn't be a need for furlough in the first place. People shouldn't be losing their jobs because of politicians not responding to the pandemic effectively and basically ignoring it until it was too late to contain the spread of the virus.
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