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Could it be possible for people to visit each other’s gardens in small numbers?
My garden can be accessed without passing through a house, we don’t even have a gate it’s just an open walk way to the garden. I have single friends who live alone and haven’t seen anyone in weeks, I feel line it would really help them mentally to come Over and have a coffee and a chat. Mommy elderly grandmother lives alone in a high rise and i’d love for her to feel comfortable just paying a short visit to us, keeping a safe distance.

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My idea is important for those who are alone and struggling. I’m actually fine with the current restrictions, i’m very lucky I have a garden and two family members living with me, i’m kept very busy with my baby every day. I feel for friends and family members who are completely alone or those in the community who have no garden space but could benefit from visiting others.

by MyOpinionEK on May 06, 2020 at 06:18PM

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