Generic Risk Assessment to enable self or business assessment

Government should issue a high level risk register that outlines the key risks associated with Covid-19 and opening up society. For example contamination via touch (other people or items), proximity to people and ability to space people 2 apart (both staff and customers). This high level risk register could then be considered by businesses, clubs, societies, families etc and enable them to identify the risks within their own area be that property, service.
A second part would be to list potential means of reducing the risks e.g. touch - no sharing of equipment, or the ability to clean with soapy water or high alcohol sanitizer.

Why the contribution is important

This prevents the need for government to stay at the safest common denominator, but allows businesses or clubs that can adequately manage the risk to put a risk management plan in place and monitor compliance. This is in the model of normal health and safety requirements and will assist us to return to a new normal where Covid 19 (and other future viruses) are part of life but we manage the risk.
Monitoring would be part of the normal process for Health and Safety.
Reduces criticisms based on nanny state.

by Stargazer1960 on May 11, 2020 at 03:35PM

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