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As it stands it seems that what we are basically being told to do is social distance from complete strangers in eg queues and in shops / chemist and exercising, and that this is totally acceptable. Why is it therefore any different and not permitted to sit with a family member / friend / partner at the correct social distance in eg their garden? I honestly dont get this - the UK government are talking about getting people back to work, opening schools, opening up hospitality - ARE THEY FUNDAMENTALLY MISSING THE FACT THAT THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WANT TO SEE THEIR LOVED ONES BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE! NOT ONE THING WAS EVEN SAID ABOUT THIS IN BORIS JOHNSTON’S ADRESS TONIGHT ! I cannot understand why if an entire household has been following the social distancing rules for the duration of the lockdown and no one in that household has had any symptoms - why someone from that household is not permitted to see someone from another household - be it a relative, friend or significant other, provided they have also been distancing correctly and also have no symptoms? Surely the likelihood of spreading the virus in this way is far less than in an enclosed supermarket surrounded by strangers ? Or standing in a queue? Or passing a jogger / cyclist in the street ? Or stopping to chat to someone you know? I for one am not interested in doing more exercise daily as permitted by the Scottish government today. People are at breaking point. Have we just not to see our friends, relatives , fiancés, boyfriend/girlfriend indefinitely ??? With reports on tv talking about ‘social distancing ‘ lasting 12-18 months, have the government any idea how distressing this is for many people? For everyone’s sake, especially those struggling with mental health issues, seeing people IS an ESSENTIAL requirement !

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For the sake of some human interaction and positive impact on mental health. Social media has passed its usefulness now, it’s no longer enough

by Alimac2020 on May 10, 2020 at 10:12PM

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  • Posted by FM79 May 11, 2020 at 08:21

    Agree. We have had enough, this cannot go on for much longer.
  • Posted by JustANumber May 11, 2020 at 09:45

    To me it is obvious for obvious reasons older generation are far more vulnerable than younger generations. I have yet to hear how the SG intends to provide any semblence of protection for 'older' generations. Personally I don't believe they have a clue, all they are doing is 'social tinkering' and 'political posturing' and have abandoned any kind of understanding of real world 'economic' governence.
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