Getting normal NHS services started ASAP

I know my local NHS hospitals are extremely quiet, and staff and statistics say they are quietest they have ever been. I have a vested interest in this as I am waiting for a hip replacement. Already, before covid issues, I was heading towards being on the waiting list for 7 months - far exceeding the waiting list guidelines, so now I am heading for 9 months on the waiting list. I am now severely hampered in my moblity, fitness level drastically reduced, and as many other people have said this is stacking up other health problems down the line, not to mention the very heightened risk of falls.
My Recommendation:
I do not understand why these type of elective surgeries cannot recommence.
*There can be designated 'clean' or 'green' wards and theatres and staff solely involved in non-covid patients.
*All patients can be swabbed for covid pre surgery just the same as they are currently swabbed for MRSA routinely to ensure risk is reduced as much as it can be.
*Start pre-op's NOW!!! My pre-op has now ran out (they last for 12 weeks) and will have to be re-done. But start getting patients in and pre'op'd now so they are 'good to go' when hospitals are ready.
*There are MANY patients for routine elective surgerys who have no other issues and would / could be discharged same day or next day for examples, so consider quick turnover patients

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get normal NHS services started

Why the contribution is important

The government are going to realistically be dealing with adverse health issues for the next few years if this isn't addressed NOW. I understood the whole tactic when we initially prepared for the NHS to tackle covid, but absolutely do not understand it now.
Even with a second wave to consider - staff are now trained up and we could easily cancel things again if a second wave occurs.

by JackieScott on May 06, 2020 at 08:48AM

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  • Posted by Pissedoffmum May 06, 2020 at 09:35

    Yes definitely dentist
  • Posted by Ballater24 May 06, 2020 at 11:46

    This plea is very understandable - but its not realistic because:

    1. The NHS has moved huge proportions of its workforce around to cope with Covid 19. It cannot be undone overnight.
    2. We were hard pressed before all of this in the NHS - things are no better as a result of Covid - we don't have the staff to run separate services.
    3. As a result of Covid we have massively reduced operating capacity - all operating takes a lot longer due to the additional infection precautions.

    We won't keep people waiting longer than we have to - but as long as we are in 'crisis' mode its simply not possible to run business as usual.
  • Posted by JackieScott May 06, 2020 at 17:41

    Ballater24. In response, I work for the NHS. I KNOW staff in my local nhs are bored and there are currently 350 empty beds in my local NHS. Very few staff being utilized for covid wards, as these wards are currently quiet also (thankfully). So lots of staff bored and not fully utilized.

    Yes, planning needs to occur, so do that now so we are good to go in a couple of weeks. Currently poor use of services that are currently available being utilized. It only took the NHS 2 weeks to organize services for covid crisis - so start getting organized for essential routine services before it impacts more on the population. There are cancer patients stressed due to delay in treatment, these patients need to be seen asap. I cant imagine the stress these people are going through, and this definitely needs addressed.
  • Posted by bernadettewalsh May 11, 2020 at 21:23

    Allow local health boards to decide when they can start non elective surgery and other urgent check ups. Typically people have been waiting 16 weeks and counting to see if cancers have returned. The extra deaths from these delays are also frightening.
    Local areas know their own capacity and what they need to do to begin other treatments.

    Differentiating capacity will happen for the life of this virus. Local areas should be able to respond when they are able to. This isn't a post code lottery. It's a Coronavirus lottery and some may end up luckier that others. That isn't a reason to deny those who can have treatments.
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