Getting UK moving--thrive to survive

It us clear we need to get the UK ecomony moving again and people both adults and kids into some kind of new normal outwith lockdiwn

However the threat to a second more deadly outbreak is very real

We need to adopt any new technological and medical issues advancements ASAP. Ideally home testing kits to be used before leaving the house, spot checks by employers. Venue owners etc masks need to become mandatory when in oubkic

In addition perhaps a system coukd he adopted that people are allocated tge days they can go out and go to school. Thus was woukd mandatorily reduce volume of bodies in the workplace and schools at any given time. With the new social distance measures in addition to this ciukd hopefully support keeping transmission rates lower. Testing needs to be supported by tracing and tech development critical for this

Financial health--all finial organisations should he advised that flexibility in provision of products is important. Payment holidays just defer date but if products ciukd be structured that interest only ciukd be available on asset backed products eg mortgages and commercial business loans thus ciukd make a real difference to the everyday lives if people worried about paying mortgages and businesses managing to survive in 2020 and possibly beyond

We must adopt to thrive in this adversity and it will not be easy but we can not freeze indefinitely as that could potentially be as catastrophic as the current deaths from the virus at present. Entrepreneurship needs to be embraced to be creative on how we embrace the future

Stay safe everyone

Why the contribution is important

Getting the UK moving again even if its only a few days each week for each person

Economy can not stagnate much longer. People's health outwith the virus being impacted - we need a. I trolled framework that brings confidence back to individuals to move forward but with risk mitigations in place

by Valencia1969 on May 08, 2020 at 09:05AM

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