Give sanitiser to anyone who lives in a flat

Anyone who lives in a building with other people should get free hand sanitiser distributed to them.

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When you live in a flat you have to touch doors that other people have touched and if you're on the way out of your building you can't wash your hands till you get home again later.

It must be even more risky for people who live in high rise blocks of flats, I wonder how many people press the G for Ground button every day? it could be hundreds.

My daughter lives in a block of flats, I posted her some hand sanitiser but it was hard to get, eventually I had to go to Marks and Spencer and it was £15, too expensive for many families. So I'd give every single person who lives in a block of flats a free bottle every few weeks. And distribute lots of posters in their buildings to tell them how important it is before and after opening and closing doors or pressing lift buttons.

by ScotScott on May 11, 2020 at 08:55PM

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