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It is important for the health and sustainability of our nation, the risks of coronavirus should be highlighted, however the mitigations should be proportional to the other issues affecting the population. Educating the population, showing them that if you are more healthy, you are more likely to survive a case of COVID-19. Shielding the elderly and at risk groups, many of whom are also at risk of death from other causes, weather it be obesity, cancer, diebetes etc. By highlighting the risks, as our Scandinavian friends have done, allowing adults to make educated choices, but not being forced under a regime of law, this will show the rest of the world that we are progressive in our approach to COVID-19.

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Heart disease is the biggest killer in Scotland, it kills more people than COVID-19 has, and will in the future. Why is there no ban on junk food, or forcing people to exercise rather than stay in doors. Two thirds of the Scottish population are either overweight or obese, this is the biggest challenge facing Scotlands health. Not coronavirus.. The death rate in Italy was so large because the proportion of their elderly population was high.. We will have a high death rate because the proportion of our population have made bad health choices. Having people sit at home with nothing to do will only exacerbate this. Treatments at hospital have been postponed, dentists have stopped seeing people, the nations health will decline, meanwhilst the economy is grinding to a halt. This will lead to problems funding the NHS now and for our future generations. There is a fear factor caused by the government and the media, people are afraid to go to the hospital, GP, dentist, school, universities, because of something which when put into perspective, will kill fewer people than cancer. If opening up Schools will overwhelm the NHS in two months... Prepare the NHS. It is about to be an established fact that the virus was in Europe in December, it could have been before, yet we only went into lockdown in March, it is highly conceivable that a large portion of the population has had the virus already, even before the lockdown was in effect, yet the NHS, whilst at bursting point.. Has coped, it will continue to cope. History will be the judge of whether the actions we took were correct, whether it was right to focus on a virus that killed X amount of people, yet forgetting about the people who will die as a result of a declining economy, or those who will die because their NHS treatment was put on hold, or those kids who are left behind parents either couldn't or wouldn't educate them, or the university students who will go into a world where there is reduced opportunity. Please take into account the bigger picture and put the virus into perspective.

by Ericdmc85 on May 06, 2020 at 06:12AM

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