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I think . Allow small groups of people to meet up . Allow people to take extended periods of exercise . Sports such as golf or tennis could be allowed to restart as they are socially distancing for players unlike football or rugby. . Allow garden centres to open . Restart the NHS for normal business gradually such as screening .Think about changing the school year to take account of the missed term. Maybe pupils could go back in August and finish this school year in December for the new school year to start in January. Very radical. .Gradual reopening of businesses with support going to those that have to remain closed the longest . Universal basic income . Be prepared for a return to lock down as a country or by local authority region as dictated by R value .Do not relax the travel distance rules at the moment - people do not need to walk in the mountains where they may have accidents and require rescue

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Life needs to return to normal gradually. The speed at which we return to normal must be slow and may speed up as we assess the affects on the spread of the disease. As a country we have done well at flattening the peak. We have not passed the peak. Instead of climbing a steep mountain and sliding down the other side we are walking across the top if a plateau. We are still very vulnerable and we must protect NHS Scotland’s ability to respond. We must understand that the disease has not gone away. We must accept that some of us, perhaps many of us will still catch COVID 19 and this is the reality until a vaccine is found. We need to try and resume our lives in such a way that this trial is minimised. As much as people want to go on day trips or visit their second homes. This is not essential for physical or mental reasons and so should be limited. Rural communities still feel very vulnerable to visitors bringing in the virus to their communities.

by Elizabeth1964 on May 07, 2020 at 10:05AM

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