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Golf courses should only be allowed to re-open once the infection and death rates show a considerable downward trend. Play should be restricted to full members only and country members and visitors should be excluded to discourage unnecessary travel which may result in the virus spreading rapidly to less populated areas. Golf clubs should be required to put a vigorous cleaning regime at frequent intervals throughout the day, with restrooms being cleaned at twice per day and hard surfaces on doors and other areas should be cleaned hourly. Gatherings should be restricted to two people at the agreed social distance throughout play and all players must leave the course immediately the round is complete. clubhouses and bars should remain closed and no food should be allowed to be sold or consumed on the premises or outside seating areas. all hire equipment (buggies/trolleys) should be thoroughly cleaned after each use and access to buggies should be one person per vehicle. Golf clubs must be held responsible for ensuring that all Covid19 regulations are followed nd fines issued for any breach.

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e have given a lot of our personal freedom to controlling this virus and many people have paid with their lives it would therefore not be right to grant special dispensation to golf courses if the virus is not under proper control and the death rate shows a prolonged and significant downward trend.

by Rupert on May 06, 2020 at 03:20PM

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