Golf Course re-opening

I believe that golf courses were entirely pro-active before lockdown started by deploying all the social distancing and 'touching' measures on the course and around the Clubhouse. When lockdown started, the majority of proposed measures were already discussed and in place and a re-opening would see these re-started immediately by all those involved in Golfing organisations......and more. Our golfing authorities have been very active and even with green-staff working on reduced hours and in a responsible way, so we have a Sporting Body who is organised and golf-clubs bodies who are organised and as the government has said already, the overall vast majority of our citizens are practising SD measures too. I believe the majority of golfers reside withing 5 miles of their own course so increased travel would remain at a low rate. As the outdoors is cleaner regarding virus transference , Golf is very well positioned for a quick return with all the measures described by the golfing authorities ready to start. I would support the Scottish Government in making these decisions early with the control measures already suggested in place.

Why the contribution is important

This allows thousands of golfing people to get out for extended walks and support their health and well-being and allow a sense of normality back in to their lives. There is minimal impact to travel as most golfers stay <5miles from their course and after driving there, they would make the same short journey home. Driving up to 10 miles max within 4-5 hours in my view would not substantially increase the risk of increased accidents and pressure on NHS E&E staff. Golf is a sport that needs it's members to be on it's course so being allowed back to play also relieves the excruciating financial pressures currently on all golf clubs, particularly those which are more 'community based'.

by billyanderson on May 06, 2020 at 09:48AM

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  • Posted by MhairiC May 06, 2020 at 19:04

    Easy to manage social distancing on course. Keep clubhouse closed. Good exercise, good for mental wellbeing
  • Posted by Algregor May 08, 2020 at 21:09

    The R&A have drawn up clear and workable rules for safe golf which should allow clubs to open up in the first tranche of moving forward. Clubs and their members are responsible people and the benefits from resuming play under the proposed restrictions will be broad ranging.
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