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Golf is one of the sports that social distancing can easily be incorporated. I have seen many ideas that have been put forward regarding group numbers some are ridiculous in my opinion e.g. groups of one or play with family/household member only, golf is a social game and has multiple health benefits. I selfishly am concerned about a maximum distance of travel being enforced, currently I am a member of a club that is 12 miles from my home and a decent proportion of the membership travel up to 30 miles to play.

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The benefits of re-opening golf courses/clubs are very important from a fitness and mental health well-being perspective are significant. It is one of the sports at which social distancing is easily achievable. Also from an economic perspective any income generated would be invaluable. Whilst I appreciate the use of clubhouses
is a long way off perhaps clear guidelines on how they could operate would at least allow staff/businesses the opportunity to get back to work.

by Alex1959 on May 06, 2020 at 07:07AM

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