Golf courses reopening

I would suggest that courses can only open if the safety of the staff can be guaranteed for example no playing before 2 pm thus allowing all works to be carried out and staff have returned home , this should stay until we as a country have started to really defeat this virus

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For me it’s about the safety of the team of Greenkeepers I work with and the safety of all our families too

by Jamzswanson on May 11, 2020 at 08:54PM

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  • Posted by JackM May 11, 2020 at 22:07

    There are many listed work arounds on how to reinstate golf successfully covering social distancing, eliminating common use equipment, club house and shop restrictions. I would add the following to these positive suggestions:
    1. Practice areas and Driving Ranges. The nature of swinging a club already requires social distancing in these areas, therefore these activities should be opened at the same time. Some facilities may require additional social distancing modifications for access.
    2. Play should not be restricted to same household members. The nature of the sport does not increase contact with other people any more than passing strangers on a pathway or pavement.
    3. Visitors should be allowed at golf courses to generate revenue for already struggling clubs. The majority of golfers travel by car, so the restrictions may apply to who can travel in the car with the driver.
    4. Competitions should be allowed provided relaxation/ work around on signing a card can be put in place.
    5. Allow golf club professionals to generate income. Eg: One to one lessons can be performed under social distancing restrictions, pro-shops can be opened in line with practices of other small (grocery) shops currently open .

    I suggest it’s a pretty easy area of the economy to get restarted apart from the hospitality functionality of the clubhouse area.
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