Good Hygiene practice within Hair and Beauty Industry

Good Hygiene practices within hair and beauty industry.
This would include
-social distance where possible for clients. Keeping a distance between them of 2 metres would mean that salons would need chairs to be this far apart or even every second chair left empty.
- no waiting area for clients- they must arrive on time and wait outside until appropriate for them to enter premises.
- Disposable Paper Cups if need to supply drinks.
- Disposable Gloves to be worn by all staff and changed between every client.
- Disposable Gowns to be worn by all clients.
- No magazines provided
- Longer appointment times - cleaning time between clients added to appointments to make sure done thoroughly
- Disposable aprons for all staff.
- Ask every client to wash hands on arrival
- Disposable paper towels in bathrooms.
- keeping fresh air circulating at all times if possible - maybe alternative air purifiers ( if this is applicable?)

Why the contribution is important

As someone who has run a Hair and beauty salon in Glasgow with ten staff members for the last 23 years as well as working with cancer patients for 10 years at the Beatson- i am aware of the impact hair and beauty has on mental health but also how much close contact it involves. Therefore, i am aware that the government needs to take extreme caution in opening this industry back up again during this crisis but i hope it can be done correctly and safely.

by Georgesutherland on May 10, 2020 at 06:18PM

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  • Posted by cbellat May 10, 2020 at 18:27

    Most of this should be done as standard practice.
    Sadly, likely to be one of last to resume trading due to touching people, and being in personal space.
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