Government Purchases

Instead of Goverment giving Grants to all business indiscriminately then look at the products the business produces and guarantee a big order. This helps the business reopen, get staff working, rotate stock etc. The government can then give away the products / nominal charge. Two examples and I’m not in either of these businesses. - Garden Centres: Government buys every plant etc and the Public can uplift a quantity of these free of charge / donate to a Covid fund. Every Gardening Buisness could move around their local area landscaping all the local neighbourhood with the free products. - Travel: the government guarantees free travel for everybody, buys bikes etc. Same principal as above and the public make a donation, if they can afford it, or can have it free . It’s mobilising the land army that is the business community and their staff. No means testing etc and assume that the vast majority will not abuse the system.

Why the contribution is important

It encourages business to consider how to operate without the fear of “What if I have no customers?” It reopens the whole supply chain.

by colinghill on May 10, 2020 at 08:56AM

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