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It fills me with some horror that you, the Government are not taking responsibility for getting this country out of lockdown. You need to take control and not ask the public for input. This is a time for strong leadership and you only have to look at the successes in other countries to decide the way forward. Test, Track, Trace and isolate is beyond a doubt the most obvious route to the relaxation of lockdown. also use the best existing technology for this rather than attempting to recreate your own!!

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This is important because a lack of leadership control contributes to a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty in the community. You may think that giving people a “voice” makes them feel better but in reality it highlights your lack of direction.

by Kayf on May 06, 2020 at 07:50PM

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  • Posted by Gillon May 06, 2020 at 20:00

    This is exactly what the Scottish Government are doing so genuinely unsure of your point, members of the scientific community have backed in their entirety the Scottish Government handling of this and the Scottish People overwhelmingly back the Scottish Government handling of this
  • Posted by O52O2O May 06, 2020 at 20:09

    To be fair to the Scottish government they have been far clearer and stronger in their advice so far than Westminster. London are now too busy downplaying the figures to get everyone back out ASAP
  • Posted by theresasheldon May 06, 2020 at 20:09

    We all need to input this horrendous problem as we are intelligent active members of society who have just as knowledge and idea of how to progress this lockdown
  • Posted by GordonM May 06, 2020 at 20:32

    The Scottish government have shown no leadership in managing the covid situation. They have done next to nothing and asked the public to do all the heavy lifting. I dont know why theresasheldon thinks they have been clearer - we have had minimal Covid in Scotland and yet the FM seems to play it as if we were the worst hit area. She has no scientific evidence to support her case (schools should never have closed) and her advisors are busy ignoring the advice given (c Calderwood). The Scottish Government are failing in their duty to citizens and have striped us of our human rights (right of assembly for starters) and for many of us our ability to earn a living. Gillon - you seem to live in a parallel universe to the one I live in - please share the source of this scientific evidence that you claim is available - I cant find it anywhere (certainly not HPS website)
  • Posted by GordonM May 06, 2020 at 20:35

    Clarification - in my post I meant to say O52O2O not theresasheldon - sorry theresasheldon :)
  • Posted by Dougieo May 06, 2020 at 20:40

    Scottish government are doing a fantastic job thus far... keeping us informed and encouraging public opinion. Certainly doing much better than Westminster
  • Posted by Dickybeau May 06, 2020 at 20:43

    I am pleased with the actions that Scotgov have taken. I suspect flunionism is a real threat to our long term health. The U.K. government seems intent on releasing constraints but the levels of infection in Scotland are still too high. It seems that Westminster aren’t really saying that the virus threat is gone, more that there are enough ICU beds now for the next round. I would like to see stronger advice on face covering. The evidence from Czech Republic, Austria and coming from Professor Greenhalgh Makes me think that face coverings can play a more significant role in reducing transmission particularly in the significant asymptomatic group.
  • Posted by emwpaisley May 06, 2020 at 21:03

    It is unbelievable but not surprising the poor quality of government ! We are being robbed of our freedom and the cheek to have a holiday to celebrate VE Day - freedom !!!
  • Posted by granny May 06, 2020 at 23:38

    Just glad of the Scottish Governments handling of this pandemic thus far . This is not about any political party s " Agender" but a "Crisis" in the health, wellbeing and "Survival" of this country's citizens . I would rather have an honest assessment / discussion inclusive of all .
  • Posted by Benthelobey May 07, 2020 at 16:35

    Recent news of a further 3 weeks lockdown is a lost opportunity. When will it be safe enough to lift and on what basis/data is the current decision based? The UK government have charts showing the decreasing deaths in UK, so if overall they are reducing and as a proportion Scotland’s aren’t then they must be remaining at the same level or increasing – a clear failure of the Scottish government in my view. Where have the similar charts from the Scottish government gone showing trends – all I see are numbers and no rolling average charts! We are told transparency is key but I don’t see it in the stats we are given or know on what clear basis this further lockdown decision has been taken. As I said on a previous topic – We need action and leadership from the Scottish Government and not delay tactics such as this 'lets all think how we can get out of it' approach (jam tomorrow!) - we have plenty of seriously intelligent people in Scotland & the government should be using them to plan and get on with improving things. We have a chance to show how it could be tackled without crippling the economy to get there. I fear we will have no serious economy to return to and will have a longer recession than other parts of the UK (and resulting health and social considerations) if the Scottish government don’t ‘start to put an end’ to lockdown now.
  • Posted by WBRnotes May 07, 2020 at 23:36

    If the R number is not below 1 at the moment (and I believe it's not) then, from what I understand, it's too early to lift the lockdown. If we get the timing wrong on this then the long term impact on the economy - and the country's health - is likely to be even worse than it already is. I think that the FM has shown significant leadership and a good degree of humanity during this crisis so far - and she has not been above admitting mistakes which is refreshingly non-defensive compared to the daily updates coming from the UK government. And I speak as someone who certainly doesn't agree with everything that the Scottish Government and/or the SNP does. This whole situation is tough and we all want a way out of it. Being allowed to express our thoughts within the overall strategy seems like a good idea to me.
  • Posted by ArchieM May 08, 2020 at 20:39

    Nobody knows what the R figure is. The Government does not tell us what it is what it has been or what exactly the target is. Therefore how can anybody be sure this situation has been handled well. There is no one holding the Scottish Government to account on why the epidemic is out of control in care homes. There are no hard questions being asked as to why this is allowed to continue. Why has testing not been ramped up? Not the test available but the number of tests actually undertaken. The lack of transparency is “clear”
  • Posted by Scotland_is_flatlining May 11, 2020 at 20:46

    We should immediately adopt the path set out by the Prime Minister on Sunday. We don't need duplication and are not well served by petty tinkering from Hollyrood. It is abusing its power and extending the lockdown in Scotland unnecessarily. The Remain Alert approach allows for those areas where R increases above 1 to re-deploy certain measures locally and that could be implemented if the FM's fears are realised. I am certain all we will get from Hollywood is a re-branded version of the Westminster approach with a few minor changes but, importantly, it will be several weeks later and thus unnecessarily prolong the damage of lockdown.
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