Government to wake up to scale of social distancing refusal

The government needs to stop issuing reassuring ads on social media telling us how caring Scotland is, and wake up to the growing number of people who think keeping a physical distance is a complete waste of time. And do something to get their attention. Because day by day it is visible to anyone not living in a bubble of government office/private car that more and more people are getting fed up with keeping a distance, to the point of being resentful of others who even just try to, or who wear a face covering. Governments in the UK look to be dangerously close to losing control of the situation here.

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Because it doesn't take many people not keeping their distance from others, to will push up the infection rate, other people won't be able to leave the house safely to shop, exercise or work, it will be harder to explain to children being expected to do this right why they should, distance breaching behaviour will snow ball, more people will die or fall seriosuly ill with long-term effects, and we will be stuck with being more locked down for longer overall, as we live through a succession of close together infection spikes.

by LouieH on May 09, 2020 at 04:57AM

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  • Posted by westkip May 09, 2020 at 09:05

    There is definitely an increase in inconsiderate behaviour and people not sticking to social distancing. On my walk yesterday in rural Edinburgh there were at least 5 instances of people ignoring social distancing. In one instance where two couples were walking together and taking up the whole width of the road I had to stop in front of them and point out that they had to move to one side, and then they were irritated! More emphasis needs to be put on the fact that if people don't follow the basics of social distancing etc lockdown will last longer and/or will more likely be reinstated. The current approach is working well for the people who are capable of looking at the bigger picture and have empathy and consideration. However there needs to be another approach too to target the more self centred people in society that only respond to what affects them personally.
  • Posted by David924 May 09, 2020 at 09:57

    I value my life and the lives of those I have to come close to and I prefer not to need NHS or 111 or GP. The virus is out there, just as dangerous, and I have the right to have social distancing or shielding by everyone else until I am vaccinated. I clean my hands after handling, just can't stay at home forever whilst others flout the law.
  • Posted by ArtSam May 10, 2020 at 10:28

    I agree with this 100% we need to realise how much of the social distancing is not being adhered to before we move forward. We need to monitor this better as each week of the lockdown passes, in my own experience when I take my daily exercise and/or go to get my weekly supplies I encounter more relaxation from many people. Which has led to me not taking my daily exercise & returning straight home and leaving a shop without my essentials. It’s human nature to fall back into old behaviours as this is how we have lived, however in order to create new behaviours & maintain them we need to address the issues. Our police are doing the best in a difficult situation and putting their lives at risk by continuing to work & be in close contact with people, I would like to see PPE for them when they have to be close to members of the public to keep them & their families they return home to safe. I would like to see a strategic plan & risk assessments of how the gov & local councils are going to monitor “the new normal” and not once we are there, prior to us being in any relaxation of lockdown. I, like many people want to see my family, friends, return to re building my business before I have no small business to return to. However I want to do all of this as safely as possible, I understand no matter what we do there will be risk, we will be living with this virus for an uncertain length of time until therapeutics & vaccine come, but I can only control my behaviours, we need the gov, local councils, laws to monitor and maintain social distancing, monitoring & consequences of anyone breaking social distancing which is a mammoth task. No politics, all political parties & nations working together to achieve the best results for all people everywhere. Take ideas from each other in the think tanks, throw away what can’t or doesn’t work, try variations, find solutions and put them in place with strong messaging and consequences for those who don’t adhere.
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