Grant/loan to support home alterations for homeworking

Grant and/or interest free loan funding funding made available to support those able to conduct their work from home but need to make adjustments to their properties to accommodate this safely.

Some things the grant/loan could support

- provision of suitable home office equipment including IT equipment, chair, desk and storage (where employer doesn't provide)
- support the installation of a garden office/internal conversion eg garage conversion or room repurposing
- addition of electrical sockets so not to overload existing capacity
- provision of suitable lighting and floor coverings where unsuitable or causing health and safety issue
- provision of additional smoke/heat alarms and fire extinguisher if required
- provision of an additional landline phone connections should they be required
- provision of WiFi extenders/improvers to support better communications within property

Why the contribution is important

Many people are working from home at the moment and the trend is likely to continue post lockdown. Many people are working from spaces within their homes not designed for longer term working from home and likely building up posture, RSA type issues. Some might have suitable space for 1 person but if more than 1 family member needs to work from home they might need to.create more space or repurpose space.

by Ydad on May 08, 2020 at 07:37AM

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