Gym Reopening

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Using a booking system to use the gym with a limited capacity of people allowed in the gym at the one time, also ensuring every second cardio machine is out of order and providing sanitising spray and blue roll for each individual to wipe each machine after use.
Temporary bans for any member not following guidelines.
Having reduced public opening times to allow personal trainers to use a private opening time to train their clients with reduced volume of gym traffic & cleaning down each machine after use, keeping a 2m distance from each other of course.

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If it wasn’t for the gym I would of taken my own life by now. I have been through dark times and attempted to take my life before, which was unsuccessful. After this I turned to the gym as an escape from anxiety, depression, family life, personal issues etc and managed to make good progress on recovering my mind.
The gym has such a strong impact on my mental wellbeing that it really did save my life, without any over exaggeration.
I’m confident I’m not the only one that has these same feelings and are suffering more than needed in the current time, so for the sake of helping improve mental health and improving physical health - I feel like my idea is a strong starting point that would allow the gyms to be amongst the first to reopen, providing the gym owners provided the correct equipment and staff policed it correctly.
I’m a personal Trainer and i know i would happily take my turn in whatever needed to keep the gym open.

by Jordan12312 on May 06, 2020 at 10:58PM

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