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Hi there, I am a local salon owner in Glasgow and I'm very concerned about reopening too early. I'm worried that because we were one of the last sectors to close, we may be one of the first to open again. We can't social distance in our line of work and we are not an essential service. I love my job and really want to get back to it, but not when I feel there is still such a great risk.

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There are so many hair salons in the UK, even with one client in at a time, that multiplied by however many salons in any area, is surely quite a risk of transmission in the community. Also the two weeks before we closed, when the over 70s were told not to go out, they were still all coming in to have their hair done. What do you then do? Tell them you're not giving them the service?

by Lasawers on May 08, 2020 at 07:30AM

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