Health and Safety in Returning to Education

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On returning to Education, in order to cut down on movement within buildings, students should remain in the one class for all lectures/lessons where possible and the lecturers should move Between classes. Everyone should wear a face covering of some sort at all times. If there are two sets of stairs or more in a building, one set should be for going up and the other for going down, if there is another set, this could be staff only for ease of movement between lessons, and all stairs can be used in an emergency. Put up arrow direction signs to show pedestrian direction flow. Put down two meter distance marking tape at the beginning and end of corridors to aid people in Familiarising what a two meter gap is. Food should be brought in by students and eaten at their desk, sterile wipes should be supplied to clean surfaces where food is being consumed. Everyone should carry a waste bag to take their own waste rubbish away with them for disposal outside of the establishment.

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These ideas are important as education needs to be done in a way that is healthy and safe for everyone. Some of these practices could even be implemented in non-educational workplaces. The health and safety of everyone is of major concern in order to to try and help the country establish some sort of new normal living arrangements.

by JamesWoods on May 07, 2020 at 06:29AM

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