Health id

Health id(colors) for everyone whit valid time of 5 days can be renewed by testing negative in the last 5 days
If you done immune test positive is permanent health id status

Red you got in contac whit infected or you test positive or you show symptoms or you go into red zone

Yellow no test, no symptoms just dont know

Green tested negative last 5 days

Blue inmune test positive permanent validation or people medical prove they pass the illness

People whit fake health id jail and fines 100 £ to 10000 £
Red id are by law not allowed to leave the house until the test negative(immunity test) they become blue

People whit yellow cards have given time to be test
People whit green card stop testing become yellow

Blue and yellow becomes red if contact somebody red ir test positive

Blue id allowed to visit hospital and may require to do some jobs exectial for NHS

Why the contribution is important

It put the population in order and give flexibility to the lockdown

by Alvaro on May 06, 2020 at 06:19PM

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  • Posted by lcraik May 06, 2020 at 19:33

    Too complex
  • Posted by theresasheldon May 06, 2020 at 19:55

    Health ID may be a future requirement. Or at least proof that you are virus free before entering public places
  • Posted by js_motorcycles May 06, 2020 at 20:13

    funnily enough, this is a similar model to what the chinese are currently using, and it is working surprisingly well, you see on the news that '' china has been hit with a second wave'', i have seen that statement every week for about 5 weeks, all with inconclusive evidence. and i agree, we should have a model like this. maybe not an exact copy, but of similarity yes, the only issue with implementing it though is that you would need to make 65 million i.d cards, that cant be hacked by someone who knows the slightest about computers, then make a database for all 65 million people, take photographs of all 65 million people, both for the card and database, then make scanners that can connect to the database wirelessly, you would also need people to operater the scanners, lets say, mass production you get manufacturing of the cards down to 50p each, so thats £32,500,000, just for id cards, the scanners, given the population size, means that every law enforcement officer would need one, so thats around 250,000 scanners. lets say they manage to mass produce at £3 per scanner, thats another £750,000, then the database, that much information your going to need about 5 petabytes of storage, on about 20 servers. so that is probably going to cost another million in the terms of purchasing, maintenance, bug testing, storage locations, so, if by some miracle the goverment could magically pull this out of thier hats, for a low low price of almost £35,000,000. then yeah, but reality is, is that westminster would probably rather spend that money on increasing the prime ministers pension, which if you didnt know is up to £148,500 per year. now i just want to state that the figures i have provided(with exeption of the prime ministers pension) is completely speculatory, but hopefully can be used by someone within this industry to give accurate figures.
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