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I propose that care for the elderly be integrated with the NHS so that care homes are fully regulated and that the NHS be fully funded with the help of extra money raised through a health tax rather than charity money raised by sponsoring people in their 90's to walk around their gardens. Recently it has become obvious from the millions raised by charity efforts that people are prepared to pay extra to support the NHS, so before the sound of clapping dies down and is forgotten, lets have a new tax that is ring fenced for a modern, fully funded, state of the art NHS in Scotland.

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We need to be fully prepared for future outbreaks so that routine treatments, mental health, and other services are not pushed aside.

by Dees on May 11, 2020 at 09:42AM

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  • Posted by KMR May 11, 2020 at 09:53

    Agree with NHS being fully funded and happy to pay increased tax to support that. But at the same time catch and pin down tax evasion and avoidance. Those who are quite happy to use the services but allow the rest of us, often on lower incomes to pay for infrastructure. Having two terms like that also fudges the issue. As far as Care Homes are concerned, it is the job of the Care Inspectorate to regulate. A service costing the country and tax payer significant amounts of money to quality assure care for the elderly. Begs the question.....whose role in the Care Inspectorate was it to govern/direct the protection of residents of care homes and the staff who work in them, throughout this COVID outbreak? Who spoke up for these people?
  • Posted by JustANumber May 11, 2020 at 10:53

    If you individually attempt to save for old age, not be a burden on anyone and live in the wider sense 'responsibly' you are considered wealthy and hence should be taxed more or pay (eye-watering fees) for providing your own care. In my minds eye the NHS has become a bit of monster and a political 'party' in its own right. Social care for the elderly is an issue which every political party doesn't want to touch with a barge pole as it is a vote loser. People affected directly have a 'shelf-life' which means politicians don't have to concern themselves that much about breaking any 'promises' which may have been made to them as they will likely die before an 18 (or 16) year old who's vote they want to hang on to. You are even not allowed to pass wealth you may have accumulated to your own kin as that is taxable. In 10 years time I rather hope I will be given the right to have a choice in the matter of taking my own life rather than having the government take my lifes earnings and distribute as I chose amongst my nephews.
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