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People and households in the shielding group will need to take extra precautions for some time to come. They will need help to do that. There are some ideas in this forum but they are easily lost among the noise of more widespread concerns.

The Scottish government should set up some kind of advisory panel concerned solely with addressing how to help the most vulnerable stay safe and continue to protect the NHS, whilst having some semblance of a normal life.

This should consult with relevant experts, charities and the shielding themselves. It should also have a remit to monitor how well initiatives are actually working.

For example, a new ideas forum like this one, but specifically about shielding, would enable those affected to share ideas and provide feedback.

Why the contribution is important

As a shielding person I have have found the current approach to be well meaning, but also poorly implemented with little evidence that anyone cares how well it is working. As restrictions start being lifted it is vital to those most vulnerable that they not be forgotten or ignored.

My own experience was that the text registration service failed for the first fortnight but no information was available as to what was happening. I waited and waited for supermarkets to be given information about my vulnerable status (over two weeks slower than in England) and then only one of three supermarkets actually delivered on the promise of priority home deliveries.

Others will have many other problems and concerns. Make sure our voices can be heard.

by EckShielding on May 09, 2020 at 10:59AM

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  • Posted by Elkie May 09, 2020 at 13:26

    Yes, I agree. Those shielding should get much more support. And yes, this will cost money, as the support shouldn't come from volunteers and charities. Maybe the government should stop trying to plug holes here, there and everywhere and give financial support directly to all people. Save the people, who than will happily save the businesses. Makes much more sense than the other way around. Fairer, easier to implement and less costly in the long run. Who is ever going to sort this mess of "this business received too much money, this one not enough, and so on, in the years to come?
  • Posted by heraghtyk May 09, 2020 at 17:11

    I agree that an advisory panel and specific shielders forum could be extremely helpful.
    As a carer for a person in the shielding group I am shielding as well for all practical purposes. After initial delays in set up such as online delivery slots and contact from GP to ensure adequate support I feel the system has worked fairly well. However as our group will inevitably be in lock down for a prolonged period further support will be required. This will vary between physical, mental and financial support particularly as other groups within society find some lockdown measures relaxed.
    A specific point of contact, such as a forum which feeds into a government advisory panel is required were ideas/problems relevant to the shielding group are highlighted and acted upon when possible.
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