Helping parents back to work with young kids

With primary schools and child minding closed many parents who may be critical to the Coronavirus battle are being restricted due to child minding. E.g. If one parent is in the emergency services and the other a scientist working in virology.

To make use of both skillets would it be possible to extend childcare to other family members I.e. Grandparents,.

This would allow both parents the chance to contribute until both childminding is unlocked.

Why the contribution is important

This would increase the police force resources and increase the scientific investigation using both skillets. That is just a personal example but there will be many families in the same position and this would allow more people to return to work albeit once social distancing is in place and potentially unlocking, in a controlled manner, the start of the economy and workforce.

by Alexmcfarlane57 on May 06, 2020 at 10:09AM

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