Highland clearance

A health passport for travelling into highlands (rural areas/islands). That might just be acknowledging distancing rules of a region (decided by town/area/local group). These areas might have no cases at present and the people there might feel very worried about an open door. The passport idea is a promise to abide by distancing rules. Folk who travel a lot could repeat their promise for each place. The data could be useful for tracing and localized lockdowns.

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To keep the highlands open and safe. To raise awareness of rural areas as protected areas for various reasons. To provide data To engage individuals in responsibility for their own actions

by CMcIlroy on May 09, 2020 at 10:51AM

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  • Posted by AlJones May 09, 2020 at 19:13

    The Highlands and Islands are part of Scotland. This is not a ‘them and us’ scenario. The virus, if it hasn’t already been in a given island, perhaps in an unsymptomatic way, will travel. Indeed, medical experts say it will likely be around for years and some say that current actions are preventing it from mutating itself to a milder form. Islanders are currently going to the mainland for a variety of reasons. When the restrictions are lifted, a lot of them will immediately go to the mainland. Would the poser of this question expect them to carry a ‘health’ passport? Would they expect to isolate themselves on return for 14 days? Why should other residents of Scotland be treated like second class citizens? It is true that local doctors could be overwhelmed if there were an outbreak. Indeed, they can be overwhelmed if they have two emergencies at one time and only one doctor. That can happen with or without COVID-19. At present there are additional helicopters and specialised equipment available which aim for a better outcome for any affected residents. Will they still be available in 18 months time if that is when it hits?
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