hillwalking and wild camping

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For many people that live in the remote area's of Scotland's west coast with hundreds of acers literally at there back door ( needing no need for transport ) there should be some specific rules on the lockdown eased. This should include how long we can venture out in our back yards without worrying about being fined or brought to the gallows on social media . Put in place limitations on how far acceptable travel is for anyone in Scotland but ease the time limit on the exercise period aloud keeping in place the social distancing rule.

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For many people including myself the outdoors is a way of self medicating mental health problems including major depression , anxiety , ptsd and much more. It is absolute fact that being outside hillwalking in the remote area's of Scotland ( alone ) is the best way to combat these illnesses.

by Lockie39 on May 07, 2020 at 05:43PM

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