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I would like to see care support workers, home from hospital teams, community alarm teams and care in the community teams givenThe full set of ppe.
This should be a full face visor
P3 respirator mask,
Full arm covers,
Full body apron
Shoe covers.
NHS do a seriously good job, but so do carers going from house to house in each shift in the community to people in their own homes. Often the service users are frail, just out of hospital and not been tested for covid-19, have multiple health issues and immobile.
Some service users get multiple visits per day, 4,5 6 so on.
Local authority care workers in the home from hospital teams for example go to multiple houses one after the other. This will include covid-19 suspects or confirmed out of hospital. This has the possibility of spreading the virus just as in care homes, from care giver to service user, from worker to worker and from household to household.
Also as the service users are getting personal care of the most intimate and closeness, the care workers are in extremely close contact, and have the potential of breathing in their breath or vice versa.
This is utmost madness given what we do know if the virus now.
All care workers need correct level of ppe. Not just gloves and a surgical mask which is loose.
They also need higher levels of uniforms yo allow correct laundering, considering gov advice is to leave potentially contaminated clothing isolated for 72 hours before laundering. Especially when this wil be inThe family home and washing machine

Why the contribution is important

To protect the lives of care workers in the community setting and of their families.
And to stop the rapid surge of covid-19 from service user home to the next on the list.
Look at the care home setting for examples

by conniecobra on May 05, 2020 at 09:56PM

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