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Providing low cost or free broadband to all homes in Scotland.
Also providing a free or low cost laptop for all homes in Scotland.
Especially for those on low income, benefits & vulnerable persons.

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With the present state we now find ourselves in it would seem the opinion to work from home will become a more normal approach to day to day life.
However many people do not have internet access at home. There are those whom are on low income, benefits or simply feel unsure about their lack of knowledge of the on line world.
I would propose a government backed scheme to connect more homes with broadband & provide assistance to access on line services for example those on low income or benefits to receive broadband access at a very low or free cost & additional a laptop that is pre installed with help Services to assist in accessing a whole new world of work.
I believe this system if put in place could help a vast cross section of the community learn new useful skills & potentially employment. The remote workplace is only going to grow due to the present pandemic as such Scotland could see itself becoming stronger & far more advanced in the uptake of "the new normal".
The ability to advance economics & education to the community at large is potentially limitless. Obviously this would have to be subsidised some how be this by a raise in taxation or by some other means (I don't have all the answers...yet!)
The benefits of this could include,
A lower rate of unemployment,
An increase in achievable standards of education (across all age groups),
A decrease in inaccessible by those of a vulnerable nature (I.e elderly persons)
A fundamental decrease in motorized traffic (less people needing to commute equals less traffic on the roads)
An increase in productivity in systems of work.

Now with this pandemic there is an opportunity to see a new way to work, a new standard of living for ever man, woman & child, a new way to protect our environment & of course a new approach to what is not only the essentials but fundamentals to a better standard of life within our nation.
This idea is only a tiny part of a much larger picture within the continuous steps we strive to make to enhance our country

by JohnHarvey on May 07, 2020 at 01:30AM

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