Hotel Industry

The industry was beginning to use check in Terminals/Kiosks. At Travelodge they just sat unused or didnt work properly for instance.

Another option would be a QR code that can be quickly scanned, and payments taken at the same time all electronic and instant.

These will need to function before a return, as huge queues occur at peak check in times.

Each doorway entrance/exit must have a gel sanitiser as standard.

All the catering and bars are inside which will make things awkward re distancing, like the pubs and bars.

Maybe all Hotels will have to provide Room Service, most of the budget and 'quality' lower cost Hotels do NOT provide this as they have so few staff running the Hotels.

All staff will need PPE, and all Reception desks will need plastic screens.

Cleaning staff will need to have the floor thats being cleaned locked off, and guests asked to leave their rooms as the cleaning is done floor by floor rather than all at once as is done now. The cleaning staff must also be provided with Quality PPE, and a shower made available for them if possible to wash and change
at the end of their shift.

Simple things like this can be achieved but MUST be made COMPULSORY b y the government or things will get lax.

Why the contribution is important

For the staff and guest to be safe, I believe these few simple changes have to be implemented and made official.

by student19 on May 05, 2020 at 05:31PM

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