Hotels with restaurants and bars

These businesses who are able to ensure social distancing should be allowed to reopen. I think that it will be a long time before people will go out and mingle as before anyway, therefore the risk is reduced naturally. If bars were table service only for the time being that would again limit the number of people present. Also, if restaurants only accepted bookings short term, they could easily cope with social distancing - they would know exactly who was coming and when. I personally would rather serve beer to customers sat at a table, than carry out housekeeping duties even with a mask and gloves on.

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The hospitality industry is one of the biggest employers in Scotland and also Scotland needs its tourism sector to survive and thrive. If hotels were to open without their associated restaurants and bars opening, they wouldn't survive and many of their staff would lose their jobs. Many will already lose their jobs as I feel that this industry is the one that will take the longest to recover. I suspect that it will take a while for people to begin to move about. The government needs to support the hospitality sector by helping them to keep people employed. Effectively pay staff to work where they're contributing to society and the public coffers, or pay them through Universal Credit to sit at home .

by S1234 on May 08, 2020 at 01:43PM

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  • Posted by sinderins May 11, 2020 at 15:43

    Hotels with restaurants and bars should only be able to open where they can demonstrate (to the local authority) that they are able to comply with social distancing regulations for both staff and customers. Many hotel kitchens will be unable to meet the 2 metre guideline for staff working in the kitchen. The latest stats show that male chefs are particularly vulnerable to catching the corona virus and many have sadly died. We simply cannot risk the lives of others in the industry. Also, it may be that some hotels will have to restrict their restaurant and bar services to residents only in order to comply with social distancing.
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