House market!

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Allow the house market to reopen for viewing etc.. and moving , obviously in a safe way, but if not this will stagnant the economy and stop people planning the future! More virtual viewing but one to one house viewing could be done safely as key workers already have to go into many houses ! And can wear masks etc.. I need to move and stuck in limbo as cannot view any houses at present and and move forward with our lives!

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Its important for the economy and personal as I need to move forward and was looking for a new house as mine was sold! I’m in limbo as very few houses are coming up for sale through fear of the unknown but would encourage people to be positive and move forward with plans for the future and it does take quite a few months usually to get this sorted and hopefully by then we would be as a country through the worse we would hope!

by Maggie999 on May 07, 2020 at 11:48AM

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