How to adapt / redesign public transport for safe use after "lockdown" is eased.

From media coverage of bus and rail operations, the only options that seem to be under consideration are reducing the number of existing seats made available for use onboard the bus or in the rail carriage.

This should certainly be a key component to maintain a reasonable "social distance" but on its own, will not likely be enough to ensure the risk of virus transmission is minimised at all times.

Transport Operators need to be looking at other measures to give customers some confidence that public travel will be safe. e.g.

New seating design / layout for bus or rail carriage interiors to ensure adequate spacing for singles or couples.

New plastic partitions to segregate seating areas.

New ventilation / extraction systems may have to be installed to ensure effective extraction of any contaminated air.

Conductor / Guard may be required again to manage safe passenger use in the Bus or Train / ensure regular cleaning of handrails etc.

Why the contribution is important

Public transport as we know it will not provide safe travel during the COVID-19 era and some rethink and redesign will be required to ensure that passengers can travel again safely.

by DRM on May 07, 2020 at 04:24PM

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