Improve the “new normal”

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I think we could use this time to make improvements to how we live, work and interact. A lot of people have had enforced time with family, and time to stop, relax and think. There has been a greater connection of families and friends, and great community spirit. Mainly I think due to less work stress and obligations for many. Others in low paid jobs have been keeping the county running. Lets make changes to working weeks so that people get to spend time with family. Make a four day week a must in all sectors. Stop the ridiculous hours that retail shops are open. Look at wages for keyworkers.

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The last few months have hopefully shown people what is important, rather than the shallow consumerism that had taken hold. Work and job responsibilities had been bleeding into out of work time, leading to many never properly shutting off to be with family or enjoy their time away from work. Employers had an ethos of “if you dont work extra you dont care” Stricter rules on work life balance need to be in place, including a tool to be able to report employers if they do not ensure workers have a lunch break, or if they contact you out of hours.

by Sarahj on May 07, 2020 at 06:53AM

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