Incentive for home improvements

We will need soon the economy to start supporting works that can be beneficial for the community. A package of incentives for home improvements related to energy saving has been proposed in other EU countries (ecobonus). This will help small building companies to restart and house holders to do maintenance of their properties along the environmental standards.

Why the contribution is important

Instead of having lump sums a more modular strategy will be beneficial for the economy with a positive outcomes for the all community. Companies need to start again securing incomes and salaries jobs. Householders need to have incentives for improvements, this can be linked to energy saving (windows,boilers,...) with an extra margins for general house improvements. For example, a bonus of 10k for fitting double glazes and an extra for general improvements (for example a 20% extra).

by MariaGarraffa on May 11, 2020 at 12:36PM

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