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Social distancing on any if necessary flights, covid testing on arrival and mandatory isolation 14 days for all. Cannot believe this was not implemented immediately or the current world wide flights still coming into the country.

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What is the point of us all isolating and coming out of lockdown, it just takes one carrier and the relaxation of lockdown to increase infection risk rising again.

by Simone on May 09, 2020 at 10:31AM

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  • Posted by Damasust May 09, 2020 at 10:41

    Over 6 weeks since lockdown and people still arrive from abroad without question.
    Stuffed together in a tin can and just allowed to wander in while the rest of us have been locked up.
    I flew to Barbados over 2 months ago and they were doing tests then. 3 weeks later EVERYBODY arriving went into quarantine for 2 weeks. I appreciate Borders are not a devolved matter but to now talk about doing it in 3/4 weeks giving people to travel home now without quarantine is ridiculous.
  • Posted by shawsy11 May 09, 2020 at 10:44

    Yes we were to slow to bring in lock down lets get the rest of the plan right and make sure we quarantine people coming into the country not play lip service to it
  • Posted by Johnjul May 09, 2020 at 11:03

    Yes please! If the uk or even Scotland alone can have this control and ‘eradicate’ the virus, at least we can get back to normal at a local level.
  • Posted by Johnc May 09, 2020 at 11:23

    I would agree that this is a very sound idea. I know that borders are a U K goverment responsibility . However they have totally abdicated their responsibilities. I would support any action the Scottish Goverment could take on this matter. Most other countries around the world seem to have taken this path.
  • Posted by fieryjock08 May 09, 2020 at 11:23

    Should have followed countries like Australia and New Zealand at the beginning of February who banned all flights from China within days of first cases of covid 19. They also imposed a 14 day quarantine on all Australian citizens coming from that region as well. Then on the 15th March imposed a worldwide ban.
    Minimum cases and deaths as a result of these actions regardless of the demography of these countries
  • Posted by Lesley221b May 09, 2020 at 11:24

    This should have been implemented at the start. Must be in place before we can move forward along with test and trace. Self isolation does not work. Countries with low death rates have been doing this for weeks. Scotland should implement this even if the rest of UK does not.
  • Posted by Yasmina May 09, 2020 at 13:31

    Agree with all comments,just another failure by a hopeless government,always too late,PPE testing etc. Disgraceful.
  • Posted by Highlandgal52 May 09, 2020 at 13:47

    This should have been implemented at the beginning of March and should be implemented immediately.
    Research has shown the countries who did implement it have had far fewer deaths - need I say more!
    I know it’s not a devolved power sadly.
    I don’t think it should be Self isolation, when people enter our country who are not from here they should be made to go into enforced quarantine in a hotel or designated building where it can be 100% certain they stay in quarantine.
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