Increase and resource environmental health services.

Council environmental health (EH )services protect people from hazards in the environment. Their staff work with health protection teams in health boards .This partnership working includes disease outbreak planning and control. Local authority spending on EH services has declined rapidly over the past 10 years This trend can be seen for the past 5 years in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework EH services are currently playing a vital role in tackling the pandemic. For example , EH staff have substantial expertise in contact tracing. They will also have a big role in the future when the lockdown measures are eased since it is likely they will be asked to monitor infection control measures in various premises in addition to their other public protection duties. Across many councils the EH function is not represented at the highest management levels.

Why the contribution is important

Without adequate resources the public will not be protected properly. All top council management teams should contain a senior manager who has the necessary EH competencies

by Frank on May 08, 2020 at 06:38PM

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