Increase and support video appointment channels

This will not work for everyone however it will allow safer access to medical consultation for more people whilst making Staff safer too. People have been reluctant to seek help and advice for non Covid health conditions but this cannot be sustained. Use of PPE for staff and patients for lower risk consults takes that valuable resource away from frontline staff who will continue seeing Covid patients for the foreseeable future. Ensure the NHS in Scotland can maintain telehealth consults at scale building confidence in both staff and patients. Ensure Rural practices have the Broadband/Wifi they need to deliver this.

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It will reduce journeys to and from medical appointments, freeing transport for those that have to travel. It also supports Key Workers to spend longer in the workplace doing the work we all need them to-do especially in rural areas. Recognising that some will still need in person GP or clinic appointments, use of technlogy for consults limits the risk of waiting rooms being difficult to maintain safe social distancing protocols. It will facilitate people responsibly accessing our NHS services, minimising face to face contact if not needed and supporting Health Services to continue treating Covid patients safely. It can be linked with exisitng infrastructure - for example e-mailing fitnotes for Key Workers and submititng prescriptions to the dispensing pharmacy. It could be used to provide links to approved or prescribed content eg physiotherapy classes to support ongoing healing and recovery Not least it is the bridge to delivering telehealth at Scale in Scotland because the need for it is overcoming the technology fear.

by Cmnotzs on May 07, 2020 at 07:29PM

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  • Posted by covidodger May 07, 2020 at 22:57

    The FM's announcement today that i pads, etc + tech support is being made available for people not currently online will help facilitate online appointments.
  • Posted by Ss770640 May 08, 2020 at 17:25

    NHS patient data laws need revised to allow more digital doctor patient interaction
  • Posted by Pjjones May 08, 2020 at 22:29

    As a doctor I still want to see some patients face to face if possible, particularly at their first visit to my outpatient clinic. Many of my follow up consultations could be delivered by phone or video, particularly if patients had blood tests etc. done locally prior to the consultation.
  • Posted by Cmnotzs May 09, 2020 at 17:46

    @Pjjones I fully appreciate that doctors want to see people face to face - people (rather than technology) is part of the reason you are a doctor I think? I am not for one minute suggesting that we never have face to face appointments again and it should be a matter for a doctor and patient to decide and agree on the delivery of consultations? I am a key worker who lives rurally and works an hour's bus journey from home. For me to see a doctor face to face takes approximately 3 hours out of my working day - and that is in normal times not whilst there are restrictions due to Covid 19. I was injured in an RTA just before lockdown and had 12 hours observation at a major hospital the day they were starting to reorganise wards to create the Covid hospital. I received excellent care but for my own reasons (including that hospital beds are really uncomfortable and catering find my low carb diet hard to address) I discharged myself and have been under the care of my GP practice since which has all been delivered by phone. However I will be going to a clinic next week because I need the assurance that a fractured vertebrae is healing well and I can start to add strengthening and flexibility exercises to complete the process. It is perfectly possible to have a blended approach and still deliver the highest quality healthcare even whilst Covid 19 continues to demand extra resource. As more people use smart devices to monitor their wellbeing it becomes possible to move away from the traditional attendance at a clinic or surgery and allows you and your colleagues to deliver that face to face care as a priority to those who really need to meet with you.
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