Increase legislation enforcing social distancing in supermarkets and other essential shops

To have stricter legislation on social distancing in supermarkets such as reduced maximum numbers based on size of supermarkets and one way systems (including one way systems in aisles running at right angles to the main shopping aisles). I have observed some supermarkets which seem to be calm and very well organised with small numbers of customers. This is in contrast with some of the larger city supermarkets eg Morrisons in Glasgow southside which resembles something of a chaotic mass gathering- people are brushing past one another in aisles and grouping far too close in busy aisles, the behaviour of staff has often also contributed to this experience. I strongly feel that too many people are being allowed in certain supermarkets at any one time and that the staff will not necessarily enforce social distancing unless there is stronger legislation from the government. It is incredibly frustrating that very low risk activities that could massively benefit people's mental health are being restricted when there is such chaos being permitted in some of the supermarkets and surely represents a far greater risk.

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To reduce risks of coronavirus transmission when out shopping and reduce duration of lockdown

by Rachel_T1502 on May 05, 2020 at 09:43PM

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  • Posted by Hazelbrown May 05, 2020 at 22:43

    I couldn’t agree more, I am now trying to just go to corner shops as every supermarket I go to appears to have far too many people inside them. Staff all appear to be doing their best however there needs to be a rule regarding the amount of people and this should be based on floor space.
  • Posted by Poppinsl May 06, 2020 at 01:23

    In my experience staff in supermarkets are not practicing social distancing from one another. I've seen 3 staff filling shelves all within a couple of feet of one another & customers attempting to squeeze past them & metal cages.

  • Posted by CometStar May 07, 2020 at 15:24

    I agree that there should be more enforcing of social distancing in supermarkets and in smaller shops when they open. At the moment we are trying to shop once a week for essentials and are finding the whole experience stressful and potentially detrimental to our health and that of others. I say this in relation to the spread of Covid 19 and to the mental health of shoppers and workers. Living in a small town we are seriously complying with instructions and encouragement to socially distance and to go out for exercise and essential shopping. The local Asda seems overwhelmed and although trying to implement some form of distancing through marks on the ground for queuing and direction all other considerations are being ignored. There is no constant reminder from in store broadcasting, staff, who are naturally scared and feeling vulnerable, are congregating together in the aisles. They are turning a blind eye to people ignoring directional arrows and there is a huge amount of staff stacking shelves and presenting obstacles to free flow of customers.
    I think shops like this who have narrow aisles in order to get more goods in must reconfigure their shops to make the aisles wider. They should be reverted from placing additional temporary displays at the end of aisles which cause blockage. Item such as plastic gnomes are not essentials and if such non essentials were removed there would be more room to spread out the essential that people need.
    If this is the new normal, store managers should be more responsible, visible and politely reactive to poor behaviour in stores.
    Face coverings although not mandatory should be much more strongly encouraged.
    Conveyer belts in supermarkets should be wiped after every customer, as should counters in smaller shops.
    Better screening and protection for shop workers at checkout would be in place.
    Shelf stackers present hazards and are vulnerable to people squeezing past.
    Staff training should be better and staff should be told they can't hang about chatting nor can they squeeze past people waiting at checkouts - yes, this actually happened.
    There should be much stricter limits on numbers in shop - the local Asda feels as busy as ever.
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