Increase use of motorcycles and scooters after lockdown

Encourage and facilitate the use of motorcycles and scooters as an alternative to public transport and cars after lockdown. Ensure that any extra provision for cycling does not advesrely affect and edanger powered two wheeler riders - particularly in excessive lane narrowing and lane segregation devices (ORCAS) Many will be reluctant to return to public transport particularly at peak times because of capacity limits and risk. Car usuage will increase conjestion and pollution. Cycles are not an option or solution for everyone. Our social structure and distances involved make it impracticle for many. Motorcycles contribute littl to conjestion and consequntly much less to pollution than cars and do not require extensive parking space and offer the ideal social distancing. Consideration should be given to allowing universal use of bus lanes by motocycles and of advance stop lines both of which have shown to be net beneficial in safety.

Why the contribution is important

While many will be reluctant to return to public transport, inclreased car use will increase comjestiion and return polution to higher levels than before lock down. Cycling and walking are not an option for everyone indeed for a great many. Motorcyles offer a convenient efficient option

by GeoC on May 09, 2020 at 09:38PM

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