Infection & Prevention Control AND Clamping down on people who are not sticking to rules just now!

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Each facility / shop/ restaurant etc MUST have handwashing stations or alcohol gel & MUST be used before entering . No disposable gloves to be worn in public places. There are people at the moment not following the guidelines in relation to social distancing & lockdown. Stricter policing required for those people that think these life saving restrictions don’t apply to them .

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The General public are unaware of how to use PPE properly & are causing major problems with infection control by wearing gloves inappropriately with the potential to cause more harm than good . CORRECT HAND WASHING TECHNIQUE & THE USE OF HAND SANITISER IS MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE IN PROTECTING EVERYONE!!! There are people at the moment not following the guidelines with regards to social distancing & lockdown. I fear when the restrictions are lessened these selfish people will suit themselves even more , putting EVERYONE at risk & causing a major spike again.

by lou1 on May 07, 2020 at 02:44PM

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