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I have a big family, there are 31 of us in total and it is now taking a real toll on my mental health not being able to support a small group of family members who are struggling. My sister is a single parent and the current lockdown with no date (or hope) that this will be easing sooner rather than later is causing her a great deal of stress. My parents also live separately and alone and they do not fall into the 'shielding' category.
I, as well as what I think the majority of Scotland, would not be rushing out onto public transport, or shopping more frequently for non essential items or even breaking the current guidelines in exercising over 1 hour but I would just like to be able to visit a small group of my family, to make sure they are okay and be a physical support for them.
This lockdown is taking its toll on all of us but seriously for those close to us who are feeling isolated, alone and with no physical support heading their way. Please, ease these restrictions to allow for some social contact.

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- Improving mental health and support for my closest family members who are struggling.
- Lockdown has been continuing for now 7 weeks, we are all beginning to loose hope of when we can begin to connect with family members again.
- We would not break any of the current guidelines i.e. non essential shopping, more than 1 exercising session, etc to do this we really only want to support our family.
- Hygiene and safety measures would always be present, increase handwashing and changing clothes.
- These are uncertain, difficult and lonely times for us all - allowing 'bubbles' of contact would bring some light to this situation.

by CL2020 on May 06, 2020 at 11:22AM

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