Introduce temperature monitoring at the entrance to public spaces

When I was in Korea in February, they introduced a process of monitoring at all entrances to public space. This consisted of a PC and thermal imaging. If someone was found to be in a higher range of temperature they would be asked to be checked using a more accurate measure. If they were found to have a temperature above the norm they were then tested and sent home to isolate. The majority were not stopped and there was no impact to the entrances.
This was extended to conference halls and shopping malls.
In Seoul all hotels checked the guests temperatures at check in too.

Why the contribution is important

It would allow us to open a number of institutions, parks and malls more safely. The impact on the community is positive as they will be able to visit places of interest and some attractions.
It provides an opportunity to track some of those who may have the start of symptoms and test them. This can be done where the entrances are limited, some entrances may need to be closed.
It could be phased. Parks then Museums and attractions followed by Conference halls then shopping malls. It is non intrusive in general as it will only be those with a high temperature that would be affected. This could also be used in businesses at secure entrances.

by Murrayrigg on May 05, 2020 at 04:52PM

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