Invest in Shielding not Lockdown

We know Covid-19’s mortality rate is higher amongst those with underlying health conditions. Sadly, there are cases of deaths involving those without any known underlying conditions but life is a lottery.

The damage to the economy will have a worse impact on health than covid. More people die globally of poverty than covid but we don’t tackle that with the same level of investment.

We would be better to invest (financially and resources) in shielding. Ensure priority treatment for regular food deliveries (tailored for your allergies etc), health visits and access to DRs, coupled with any mental health assistance needed from time to time, respite care and (eg care homes) grants to take on additional staff and buy PPE. Spending money on those most at risk will be cheaper than spending billions on paying people to stay at home.

Why the contribution is important

Protects those most at risk

Allows economy to restart

More targeted approach

by GA on May 08, 2020 at 09:06AM

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  • Posted by ThargX May 08, 2020 at 09:20

    A great idea. We are perfectly able to look after and shield the people that are most vulnerable. Lockdown creates more vulnerability in other ways such as domestic violence, people not seeking health care for other reasons and children living in dreadful circumstances. We can still all work together and take care of the most at risk without creating other serious risks.
  • Posted by jonsnow May 08, 2020 at 09:29

    Absolutely agree. If we don't adopt this policy we could be (theoretically) in lockdown forever more. This virus might never go away. The assumption (which is not proven and could be false) that we can completely suppress this virus, or future strains, is HIGHLY questionable (and yet this is the foundation of this governments policy) . Vaccines are a quest but have had very mixed results in the past ( flu vaccine is proven not to work over the last decade see Cochrane Reports) . This suggestion HAS to be the way forward NOW. Why is the government not looking at the global evidence which shows that if this virus is not caught early (which it was not) extended lockdown is more damaging than shielding? It's time for an adult conversation all right!
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