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Under the present restrictions, which are not a true ‘lockdown’ unlike Spain for example, too many people are ignoring the advice to “Stay at home” except for.... I live adjacent to the main road along Deeside, every day whilst taking my permitted exercise I see increasing levels of road traffic clearly heading for the hills and a day out. There are also large numbers of cyclists clearly loaded up and out for the duration, the attitude is “I’ve always done it so l’ll carry on as normal”. There are also increasing numbers of groups of individuals from different households meeting up to socialise, I have seen groups of adults out ‘working all day’ in a communal garden with no regard for social distancing. Relaxing of the current measures will not affect these people, they will just continue to ignore what is being asked of them. There is no evidence of the local Police attempting to check the traffic on Deeside as it heads towards the hills, more often than not well in excess of the 40 mph speed limit! Why not?

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If we as a nation are to get on top of this invisible enemy then we need to ALL play our part, yes progress is being made but the media especially the BBC are becoming blasé in their reporting almost taking delight in only 300 or 400 or so deaths being recorded! This is outrageous and shows how little regard they have for families who have lost a loved one in such tragic circumstances. There is a delicate balancing act here between health and economy we need to ensure that the former always comes first. There are geographic differences across the UK and the four nations, we must ensure that any future restrictions or easing of current ones is right for the people of Scotland and not be lead by the London centric UK Parliament if it is not right for us.

by Woody90 on May 06, 2020 at 07:59AM

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