Isolate and protect the vulnerable more effectively while allowing the economy to get back on track

1 billion pound is spent every day on payments to not allow people to go back to work. The cost of this depression on the economy, socially, and mental and physical health-wise, is likely to be far greater than that by Corona deaths alone. Could a fraction of that money not be spent instead on isolating and testing carers of those that feel vulnerable, while allowing the healthy to more or less get back to normal life - also as herd immunity seems the only viable protection for vulnerable people in the medium term (as safe vaccines take years to develop?

Why the contribution is important

It would save us millions of pounds, allow investment into the NHS to continue, and save thousands of lives, from suicide, poverty and associated increased mortality - rather than undermine it through destroying the economy more and more, day by day.

by mareikemh on May 07, 2020 at 06:38PM

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  • Posted by scotjs May 07, 2020 at 18:52

    "The cost of this depression on the economy is likely to be far greater than that by Corona deaths alone." How can that be said? Yes these are extreme, although also temporary and necessary economic measures. This situation will not last forever. The death of you or me or the people we love will! I would choose an economic slump over death any day.
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