Isolation option during test-trace-isolate

When we move to T-T-I, people with partners/families who are required as a consequence to go into temporary isolation may rightly be reluctant to do so at home for fear of passing on any potential infection to their nearest-and-dearest. Indeed, it may even be desirable that (where feasible) they do not return home, since with effective T-T-I that transmission may be about the last way in which the virus could still propagate.

It may thus be desirable to provide such reluctant individualss with the option of a suitable location in which to remain during their period of confinement, a place where they can isolate yet receive immediate medical attention in the event that symptoms do manifest, whereupon they can be promptly (re)moved elsewhere for ongoing treatment.

Provided the graduated easing of lockdown is performed appropriately such that there is no severe escalation of infection and consequent extreme stress put on hospital resources, one such suitable place of confinement for people from the populated central belt could well be the (as yet unused) NHS Louisa Jordan.

Why the contribution is important

It provides a potentially-useful means by which a successful Test-Trace-Isolate action could be supported, relieving some stress on individuals and possibly even helping reduce the R-factor.

by Arete on May 07, 2020 at 03:02AM

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