Large Corporations Helping Employment

Government should instruct large corporations, such as banks, that they do not expect them to make large profits over the next year but to seek ways to keep employment as high as possible. If we are all to come out of this then everyone has to work together to ensure people don't fall into unemployment and debt and all the social issues that brings. People are having to write off 2020 on a personal basis so surely large corporations can write off 2020 from a profit point of view and pickup as profit driven organisations in a years time.

Why the contribution is important

To ensure the financial and health wellbeing of society. To ensure the country can get back on its feet following lockdown and provide as much employment opportunities as possible. Government should be able to work with organisations to help financially in a way that enables the companies to do this. Jobs at all levels in organisations need to be preserved and increased (where possible) to invigorate and re-generate society.

by PCEdinburgh on May 11, 2020 at 05:21PM

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