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I believe there needs to be a very clear framework around hospitality and H&S, if this is legislative like the rules around lockdown, then hotels, restaurants can comply against this min legislation, it needs to be collaborative across the UK, where we recognise domestic tourism will return. This is no different to when 9-11 happened, and we had to stop liquid over 50 ml etc! I believe it needs to be simple and effective, clear and precise and training and support then offered. It can then be choice if business go over and above. Main ideas are;

My recommendation is mock scenarios are done in hotels and restaurants, front and back of house.

1) 2 metre social distance must apply for guests and staff (front and back of house)
2) Hand gels at all customer/staff touch points
3) New cleaning regime on in all key areas
4) Staff wear clear face-masks (this could be workforce led) and then communicated to the guest
5) Throw away - Menus/Wine lists or enter into interactive app
6) No guest info (hard copy) only if on downloadable app on own device (GOvt support for industry to adopt)
7) Use own pen/pencils to register or sign in/pay
8) electronic payment only
9) Staff training guides and self assessments
10) Govt/Industry body deployment of audit/trainers across industry such as EHO, Licence board, Schools and Colleges, SVQ (those who are certified can open after assessment and training).
11) Communication templates for small businesses
12) Accreditation/Logo that is recognised as certified safe to operate, like GDPR there is a body where staff and guests can report if breech. Also recognition on who is doing well? scoring like green tourism, so there is opportunity for required standard, exceed, excellence.
13) Staff rooms and live-in accommodation reviewed
14) NHS/COVID frontline workers, specific cleaning done, rooms separated

Why the contribution is important

This will give clarity to guest, employees and employers on the min and then this can be build upon and recognised.

by StaceyF on May 05, 2020 at 02:25PM

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