Lessons to learn, how do you want to live and work in Scotland?

If this lockdown has shown anything it is that if there is no choice then people will use up what they have in their fridge, recycle or upholster items they own and use local suppliers for all their essential living supplies - local suppliers stocking local produce but keeping a supply chain rolling for international products we love to be able to buy in Scotland and support other countries. I wonder how many people want to go back to "normal" or to use key lessons to learn about looking after our local businesses, local economy and our environmental footprint. I have managed to get out cycling for the first time in my life as the fear of busy roads or not enough time. Our roads are terrible, our own people can't afford to holiday here or in fact have no time to take holidays with such dizzy and busy lives. How can we expect international tourists or our own people to be welcomed places, such as Skye, where there it is a danger to drive a car let alone cycle. Businesses are not finding it profitable or worth the hassle to support tourists,such as to provide meals and transport with all the added costs to be "allowed" to open a well needed service. Our elderly are potentially feeling less lonely due to the support networks and families spending more time together. I for one just do not want to go back to the normality we made from a "live to work" generation. A generation who suffer deeply from anxiety and depression and yet it's not identified that a work/life balance is needed. Competition is great but not from global superstores whose prices the likes of a local garden store cannot match. These kind of places (cough Amazon) do not contribute to our Scottish economy, not just with regards to tax revenues but the character and soul a small business provides. Whether this be a egg hunt at the side of the road or a shop premises on the high street...all our small and micro businesses are what tourist expect to experience in Scotland!

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To live in an improved way will make our countries people healthier and happier which will inspire business ideas and a positive approach to work ethic and eagerness to learn, to learn at any age. Our immune systems and general health will be much better, where we are in a stronger position to fight both viral diseases, other health conditions and also assist in helping our economy bounce back.

by Iona on May 06, 2020 at 09:04PM

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  • Posted by granny May 06, 2020 at 22:39

    Well said!
  • Posted by BUTEMACS May 07, 2020 at 01:15

    I agree that in an ideal world I would like to see permanent changes to peoples lives attitudes & society after this crisis but I think it will only be a few who make any massive change to their lifestyle, most will be fighting for seats on the first planes out of the UK to have a holiday in the sun, or booking tables in every eatery they frequented before lock down & go back to selfish ways, I hope I am wrong but if this horrible event in our history does not make people change their ways big time then nothing ever will so I intend to enjoy every minute of lock down while most people are being kind, selfless & heroic.
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